Sunday, December 11, 2022

Faes Transient House in Baguio City


Truly a fact that Baguio City - The City of Pines is the most visited place in the Philippines, especially during the holidays. After the pandemic, people from all over the country have been busy traveling internationally and locally and most of them are flocking toward the North of Luzon. Undeniably, nature still nurtures and refreshes us and this is something that Baguio City can offer by default. Not to mention that on December 16, 2022, Philippine Airlines will be having its flight to and from Baguio to Cebu 4 times a week:

Baguio to Cebu : Mon/ Wed/ Fri / Sun : 11:10am- 1:00pm

 Cebu to Baguio: Mon/ Wed/ Fri / Sun : 8:50am to 10:50am

You, your friends, and your family deserve to have a grand vacation without any hint of worries. Able to say that, let me help you by giving you my experience in looking for a home (transient) in Baguio.

Five minutes from town (Burnham Park), is where this homey and comfy place that I have discovered.  Located in Shangrila Village, FAES Transient House would be the answer to your need if you are looking for a room for two, Barkada units for ten and even for sixteen people - all with their own bathroom and kitchen (includes kitchen utensils for you to be able to cook).


FAES Transient House is at # 2 Himalayan Street, Shangrila Village, Baguio City. It is the house

besides the famous local Cafe, Kape Umali. 

FAES Transient House is very clean and accessible too. The owners and associates are very friendly as well. Let me show you some of the pictures I have taken for your reference:



1st Unit: One Double Bed for two

2nd Unit: One Double Deck for two

Couple's Room

The Kitchen for the Couple's Room

For the Family/ Barkada Room

The Dining Area of the Family / Barkada room

The patio on the second floor where you can hang out with family or friends


Lounge - FAES Transient house has a lounge on the ground floor where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea for free.

You can choose to chill and have a cup of coffee on the rooftop

Relaxing spot to spend your afternoon (best spot to wait for the sunset)

Overlooking view at the FAES Transient 

Roof Deck - If you want to see a part of Baguio's overlooking view, FAES Transient house can give you that. Experience and enjoy relaxing and chilling moments at the top of the FAES building.

Thus, Faes Transient House is 5 to 10 minutes away from most tourist spots like Burnham Park, Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, Mirador Heritage and Eco Park, Heritage Hill and Nature Park Garden (Old Diplomat Hotel), BenCab Museum, and Tama-Awan Village.

For Reservations, please see their - Facebook page:

Contact them at this mobile number : (0948) 996 8241