Saturday, March 15, 2014

Part II - Short Trip to 5 islets of Caramoan Island


     The same day when we arrived in Barangay Paniman, We were offered to take the SHORT TRIP by Kuya Ramil for Php1000.00. Without hesitation, we hurriedly packed our bags for the trip. We left the shore at 3:00 p.m.

      1. Just within ten to fifteen minutes, we arrived in the first island called "LAHOS ISLAND," derived from the word "lahos" because the water from the other side runs through the other side of the island during high tide.

     This is one of my favorite islets. It is a perfect place for romantic scenes for picture takings and great place for wandering too.We spent almost 30 minutes enjoying the island. we ran through each ends and took pictures of the rock formation on the both sides.

     2. next stop was MATUKAD ISLAND. This is where you can choose to stay overnight in a tent. They have their island secured by an overnight guard. One thing I can't forget about this island is that it has an enchanted BANGUS fish who they say is a magical creature protecting the island. There was supposedly two bangu,s however; few years ago, a fisherman caught the other fish and cooked it for dinner to his family. The whole family died after eating the enchanted fish. The news spread to the whole island which made all the people fear to catch the fish. For you to see the magical fish with your naked eye, you have to take the challenge of climbing through the jugged, steeped limestone and when you are able to reach to the top, you will see a lagoon where you can see the bangus. Unfortunately, as what we heard from our guide, the bangus does not want to have his picture taken, either the battery of your camera will become empty or simply as it would just not take the picture of the fish.

This limestone is what you have to climb to be able to see the lagoon.
The lagoon where the enchanted bangus can be seen.
Closer view of the lagoon.
The view from the top of the rock.

     3. KATBATINGAN CAVE - the islet that has a cave on it but no sand bar. You can choose to get inside the cave and take pictures..

   4. KATBATINGAN ISLAND - an islet with a small beach that can't be seen during high tide. What I love the most in this island is the grandeur rock formation that I enjoyed climbing just to take a good top view of this island. It is situated across the Hunongan Cove which is the most expensive hotel in the island.

      Please follow through with my Caramoan series from Part I to Part III.


Ah Grabe! said...

Ka-nindot lantawon ^_^

CebuanaDiaries said...

Thanks Ah Grabeh! How Amazing it is to show case the beauty of the Philippines...Why then should we go out of the country, when we have it here!